Welcome to Toboetsuki's home on the web!

The name 'Toboetsuki' comes from the Japanese language and roughly translates to 'Howling Moon', it was chosen out of my own fondness for anime and manga.

This website's main purpose is to educate people on the two breeds with which we share our lives and our home - the Inuit Dog and the Japanese Hokkaido Ken (also known as the Ainu Inu) - so that they can decide whether either of these beautiful breeds are right for them. We aim to provide unbiased information about both breeds: we will tell you the brilliant, the good and the bad about being owned by these dogs; the highs and the lows. Nothing will be swept under the proverbial carpet and we are happy to answer any questions anyone might have about our dogs.

We are owned by our last remaining Northern Inuit dog and oldie of the pack, Princess, and four Hokkaido Ken - a breed new to us and extremely rare in the UK. Sadly in September 2017 we lost our German Shepherd x Northern Inuit to cancer, in December 2020 our beloved Northern Inuit, Kiba (first member of the Toboetsuki pack) joined Yuki across the bridge and in October 2023 we helped Yoyo to cross the rainbow bridge as his body could no longer keep up with his mind. We have owned Inuits for over 13 years now and we still class ourselves only as beginners when it comes to knowing all there is to know about them. To the Hokkaido Ken we are completely new and learning every day through experience, despite now being owned by four Hokkaido hooligans! We hope you enjoy browsing our website, finding out a little about the breeds in general and getting to know each of our dogs.

We were extremely proud to announce the arrival of the very first Hokkaido Ken litter in the UK born on the 18th February 2019! Check out Kirin and Kuro's four babies from the 'Puppies' page. For more information on our upcoming and future litters you can check out the 'Puppies' page too. We are not expecting any Inuit or Wolfalike litters.

Head over to the 'Inuits' menu for general information about the Inuit Dog (and other wolfalike breeds): it's history; appearance; temperament; health and for our FAQ which has the answers to all the questions we are most often asked about the breed. Head over to the 'Hokkaido Ken' menu to find general information about the Hokkaido breed. After that come and meet the Toboetsuki pack in the 'Our Dogs' section: each dog has their own page dedicated to telling you all about them! Pop over to the 'About' section if you would like to find out more about the faces behind Toboetsuki and how our journey with these beautiful breeds began. For information on our future breeding plans please click on the 'Puppies' heading in the main menu.

Our 'Gallery' pages are updated with new albums every so often, so if you would like to check out some of the many, many photos of our dogs living out their lives on the Salisbury Plain then this is the area to visit!

If you wish to contact us directly to ask any questions; to report any bugs on the website; if there are things you think should be added or if you would like to arrange a visit to meet the pack use the form on the 'Contact' page. For links to breeders, more information about the breeds or general interest websites please visit our 'Links' page.