On this page you will find links that we have found helpful whilst researching; links to the breeders of our dogs; general dog related links and other things which you may find interesting. Click on the headers to be taken to the site which will open in a new tab.

Honiahaka is the breeder of all of our Inuit dogs with over 10 years experience in wolfalike breeds. We are proud to recommend her as a highly ethical and wonderful breeder, located in Essex.
Kyuden Kitsune is the breeder of Kirin our Hokkaido Ken, located in the North West of France. Sophie also owns and has bred Akita Inu and Icelandic Sheepdogs. Photos of Sophie's dogs were used on the Hokkaido Ken 'Appearance' page as well as her descriptions on the Hokkaido temperament.
The Nihon Ken Network aims to provide information on all of the Nihon Ken breeds, including contact information for breeders around the world. A good starting point for those looking to take their first steps into the world of the Nihon Ken.
The Association of Nihon Ken is a UK based breed club aimed at promoting all six of the Nihon Ken breeds, but in particular the four lesser-known Nihon Ken breeds (Hokkaido Ken, Kai Ken, Shikoku Ken and Kishu Ken). In the future the ANK intends to visit dog shows and events across the UK to showcase the Nihon Ken breeds and provide information for people looking to get involved with the breeds.
A fantastic source of information on all of the Japanese breeds, the Nihon Ken Blog is run by Shigeru Kato who hunts, breeds and shows Nihon Ken as well as working as a translator and mediator, helping to export these beautiful breeds across the world. We were kindly given permission to use the information on the history of the Hokkaido Ken here on our website.
This is our page on Facebook dedicated to bringing our missing boy Teddy back home where he belongs. If you have a facebook account please take a minute to join our page and share a poster to help us spread the word.
Supplier of raw meat in many varieties. Our dogs are fed on a half raw and half biscuit diet.
Due to Kirin's specific dietary requirements, Natural Instinct is our raw supplier of choice for the Hokkaido Ken. They have a great range of nutritionally balanced and complete raw meals for dogs and cats of all sizes!
Complete, grain-free, 80:20 working dog food. A high quality biscuit diet for all life stages. The biscuit part of our dogs' diet is Akela, the fish type is especially good for my epileptic who cannot have foods containing rosemary.
A great and interesting source of information from a community of Nihon Ken owners and fanciers. A good first-stop for anyone interested in finding out more about the Japanese breeds.
Our dogs all wear custom ID tags made by Poly Pet Tags. They are super durable, can have your own logo printed on the front and are easy to wipe clean when they get dirty!
The Animal Health Trust is responsible for discovering the Oculoskeletal Dysplasia mutation in the Northern Inuit Dog. They undertake many research studies into canine genetic diseases.