Run free gorgeous boy. 4th April 2011 - 25th September 2017. Forever in our hearts.

Yuki is our rehome boy who we took on when his owner could no longer keep him due to family circumstances. We were supposed to foster him for a short period and find him a new home. He went to a lovely home in Manchester with a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog cross girl to keep him company but sadly his new home didn't work out through no fault of Yuki or the family (outside circumstances meant he had to leave) so I picked him up and brought him home...and he hasn't left since!

Yuki is a Northern Inuit x German Shepherd and he came to live with us when he was two years old. He had been staying with us whilst his owner had been on holiday at various times during the previous year so all of my dogs knew him well and he knew his place in the pack. He was born on the 4th April 2011 but we are otherwise unsure of his early history. His mum was a Northern Inuit and his dad was a German Shepherd - having owned Northern Inuits for 7 years now I still find it hard to see any Northern Inuit in Yuki, but he's a beautiful boy nonetheless!

Yuki is a happy boy but he does like to bark and bark and BARK when he's out on his walks! He barks to play, he barks when he's annoyed and he barks just for the fun of it! He also absolutely adores giant muddy puddles which he lies down it and turns into some kind of hippo swamp monster - a favourite pastime he has taught to both Princess and Kirin. He is intelligent and very stubborn and is always the last to come back when you call.

He is very affectionate and can be a bit of a clown, as you can probably tell by most of his photos! He also often doesn't realise quite how big he is and his favourite game when Princess was little was 'splat the puppy' which he still tries now she's bigger (and quite often get told off by her for it). He was Teddy's best friend which made it very hard when we were contacted by his old owners and told he needed rehoming. He's a big softy at heart although he does have the typical German Shepherd gobbyness and his way of showing affection is often to put your arm in his mouth and try to pull you around, or to grab the nearest toy and do his best impression of a motorbike.

Despite not having had Yuki from puppyhood he is well and truly part of the family and once you get to know him you can't help but love him...despite the barking! In the house you hardly know he's there as he is often found sleeping in the crate which he sees as his space to get away from everyone else, and he's definitely not a sofa hog like the rest.

Sadly Yuki was diagnosed with Subcutaneous Hemangiosarcoma in June 2017, after battling through surgery and chemotherapy which sadly was not successful, Yuki was put to sleep on 25th September 2017; after suffering from a small stroke he told us that he was ready to go. He has left a huge hole in our family and our pack, but left us with many happy memories of his life.


Pedigree Name
Not registered
Pukey Pie
Date of Birth
04 April 2011
Black and Tan
Coat Length
Long Coat
Eye Colour
27" to the shoulder